LANTERN Christian Amateur Radio Club meeting

You are invited to the LANTERN Christian Amateur Radio Club Meeting

Friday, May 22, 2020 @ 6pm (RSVP by May 21st)

Large conference room in the Cochise County Complex

4001 E Foothills in SV, corner of Foothills Drive and Highway 92 (see attached map)

Meeting agenda:



When the internet, telephones and cell phones are not working, we will be in radio communication. We train and practice NOW, to be ready for future emergency radio nets during man made crisis or natural disasters. Find out how you can be involved even if you do not have a desire to obtain your ham radio license. How our club can benefit you and how you can be a part of the whole club of members and guests.


Our Christian Ham Club is open also to those who do not want to study to obtain an amateur radio license.  They can listen and monitor the ham radio bands but cannot (legally) transmit.


For more information, and if you are ready within two week of taking your ham exam, please contact


William Simotti

K7CSV, President,

LANTERN Christian Amateur Radio Club - K7LTN

520-505-1984 or email

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